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Brett Watson has a unique teaching ability that God has given to him to reveal revelatory insights into the "Kingdom of God." 
In the following video:  "The Season and Decade of Divine Moments," Brett Watson encourages you to be very sensitive to the "NOW MOMENT" we are in.  We can not operate in this "NEW" Season as we did in previous seasons.
There is a "Sound in Heaven" that we must hear and recognize. When we are sensitive to the Spirit of God, we will begin to hear the "Sound of the Kingdom."  It's then that we will begin to experience Kingdom living and supernatural manifestations in our lives. Prepare your heart now for "Divine Moments" in the Spirit.
Quote: "In one of our Encounter meetings in South Florida - There was a moment when the note played by the pianist - synchronized with the sound of heaven. At that "Divine Moment," all of the sudden (like an invisible hand) the 300 people in attendance - from the back of the auditorium to the front, began to fall under God's power, being healed, filled with the Holy Spirit and delivered with out anyone touching them. Get ready friends, It's YOUR "Divine Moment" as well."   Blessings to You Always ~Brett Watson
"A Mandate For War"
"Carriers of Oil"
"Enlarging My Dwelling"
"The Dawning of Destiny"
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"Divine Moments"
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"The Era of The Kingdom"
"The Kingdom Seed"
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"Divine Purpose"
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Sow Your "Very Special"
Seed Offering to the Lord
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"A Destiny Designed
For Such aTime as This "