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"A Mandate For War"
"Carriers of Oil"
"Enlarging My Dwelling"
"The Dawning of Destiny"
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"Divine Moments"
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Brett Watson has a unique teaching ability that God has given to him to reveal revelatory insights into the "Kingdom of God."
In the following video: "The Dawning of Destiny" you will begin to see clearer than ever before - As God opens your eyes from a fuzzy, black and white picture to "Kingdom of God - High Definition HD color!"

God has given to all of us a "Destiny" but it is time to see the details in clarity so we can move forward in a progressive pursuit of accomplishing our assignment given to us by God. This video will provoke you to "Get Up Again" and "Position Yourself for Greatness

Quote: "My mother and father told us kids growing up, "The Watson's never say "I Can't" - So if you can't say something good, don't say anything at all - but you will never say "I Can't" - ever. We believe in you and God believes in you - so there is nothing holding you back! You kids will accomplish whatever you put your hearts and minds too!" From then until now, I know I Can do All Things through Christ who Strengthens me. YOU CAN TOO!  Blessings to You Always ~Brett Watson
"The Era of The Kingdom"
"The Kingdom Seed"
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"Divine Purpose"
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Sow Your "Very Special"
Seed Offering to the Lord
"A Destiny Designed
For Such aTime as This "