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Brett Watson has a unique teaching ability that God has given to him to reveal revelatory insights into the "Kingdom of God."
As you watch the following Sermon Video: "A Mandate For War," You will begin to understand that from the very beginning of creation God imparted into you His very own "DNA!" We were created to "Rule and Reign!" We have authority to advance in dominion because of the power inside of us! We are Ambassadors sent on Assignment by the "King of Kings!"  Every God fearing man and woman that understands their "Assignment and Purpose" on the earth will experience warfare!  You have a "Mandate for War!" 
Quote:  "No matter what comes our way, if we understand "Who We Are in God" - We will  "Conquer, Advance and Progress" into Our Destinies! We are men and women of the Kingdom of God!  We have been commissioned, we have been assigned and we have a Mandate For War!  This Video is NOT for the Faint of Heart, but for those who understand their Assignment and are not going to allow anything that comes from hell to get in the way!"  Blessings Always ~Brett Watson
"A Mandate For War"
"Carriers of Oil"
"Enlarging My Dwelling"
"The Dawning of Destiny"
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"Divine Moments"
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"The Era of The Kingdom"
"The Kingdom Seed"
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"Divine Purpose"
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Sow Your "Very Special"
Seed Offering to the Lord
"A Destiny Designed
For Such aTime as This "