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Media in every form is an important aspect of ministry. The "Heart Beat" of Brett Watson Ministries moving forward into this new season, is to impact as many lives as possible through the different mediums available in media and television ministry.
God opened the doors for Brett Watson Media Ministries when He gave Brett Watson a beautiful television set in 2005 / 2006. God gave him a vision and then supernaturally provided financially through obedient men and woman of God, so that the powerful message of purpose could provoke a people of destiny, around the world. Twenty two programs of “Voice of Destiny” aired on the TCT World Network in 2005 and 2006. The Program was viewed by 178 countries and millions of people internationally. “Voice of Destiny” not only blessed those who viewed the program around the world, but was God’s way of strategically preparing Brett Watson for many more television and media opportunities to come.
With no formal training in television, film or stage, guided by the Holy Spirit - Brett Watson designed the TV set and started preparations for the "Word of the Lord" to flood the living rooms, prison cells, and the hospital rooms of many people who so desperately needed to hear a voice of Inspiration and Hope - A “Voice of Destiny!” Since then, Brett Watson has had the distinct honor and privilege to air on TBN’s International Flagship program - “Praise the Lord” – as he has been interviewed as a guest many times over the last 7 years.

The "BWM TV Network" is preparing to expand across the globe with media ministry, "Live" Streaming Video with the relaunch of "VOICE OF DESTINY" and television viewing to impact millions of people for Jesus! There is much more to come! Keep us in prayer and help us "Be His Voice!"
"Praise the Lord" - Pictures and Video footage provided courtesy of Trinity Broadcasting Network.
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"Canton MA Encounter"
"Celebrating Ministry"
"BWM TV Network 1"
"BWM TV Network 2"
The Ministry of Media and Television
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"Behind The Scenes"
"BWM 1 Minute Promo"
"BWM 3 Minute Promo"
"REAL" On The Streets 1
"REAL" On The Streets 2
"REAL" On The Streets 3
"March TBN Interview"
  "June TBN Interview"
"Sept. TBN Interview"
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"BWM Divine Purpose"
"BWM The Beginning"
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  1. BWM TV Network Commercial
  2. Divine Purpose
  3. A Destiny Such As This
  4. March TBN Interview
  5. Celebrating Ministry
  6. BWM TV Network Commercial
  7. BWM 3 Minute Promo
  8. Destiny Music Video
  9. Behind The Scenes
  10. Brett's "REAL" On The Streets
  11. Destiny - Music CD Promo Commercial
  12. BWM TV Network Commercial
  13. Destiny - Music Project - Interview
  14. Every Tribe - Music Video
  15. Wrap Me In His Arms - Music Video
  16. September TBN Interview
  17. BWM 1 Minute Promo
  18. You Are Great - Music Video
  19. BWM TV Network Commercial
  20. BWM - The Beginning Video
  1. Destiny - Music CD Promo Commercial
  2. In The Waiting - Music Video
  3. June TBN Interview
  4. BWM TV Network Commercial
  5. Brett's "REAL" On The Streets
  6. Brett's "REAL" On The Streets
  7. BWM 3 Minute Promo
  8. Carriers of Oil
  9. BWM TV Network Commercial
  10. Wrap Me In His Arms - Music Video
  11. Enlarging My Dwelling
  12. BWM TV Network Commercial
  13. Celebrating Ministry
  14. A Mandate For War - Promo
  15. You Are Great - Music Video
  16. Divine Purpose
  17. BWM TV Network Commercial
  18. The Kingdom Seed
  19. Destiny - Music CD Promo Commercial
  1. BWM TV Network Commercial
  2. BWM 1 Minute Promo
  3. A Mandate For War
  4. BWM TV Network Commercial
  5. In The Waiting - Music Video
  6. June TBN Interview
  7. BWM TV Network Commercial
  8. The Season of Divine Moments
  9. Divine Purpose
  10. BWM TV Network Commercial
  11. The Era of The Kingdom
  12. BWM 3 Minute Promo
  13. March TBN Interview
  14. BWM TV Network Commercial
  15. Destiny - Music CD Promo Commercial
  16. Destiny Music Video
  17. The Dawning of Destiny
  18. BWM TV Network Commercial
  19. The Kingdom Seed
"Oct. TBN Interview"